Sunday, September 28, 2014

Today's Vilosophie

Eternal November in Monterey: Moi, in Mango Leather Jacket, Express Sweater & Jessica Simpson Booties. 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Diabolic Lover

Some of the things I crave in the new season:
some dark heavy perfume for chilly evenings...

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Today's Vilosophie

I never tried to wear a dress with a pair of sneakers like that. But then this jersey goodness came my way (Lidochka, I <3 you) and I was like... hell yeah!
H&M Dress, Adidas Sneakers and Miss London Bomber 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Today's Vilosophie

Super mellow Sunday: beautiful morning and chilled me in Mossimo t-shirt, Miss Sixty skirt,
& H&M sweatshirt. 
The watch is Calvin Klein

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Today's Vilosophie

Love story: I fell in love with this hat, when I first saw it at H&M. Then, I thought it was too pretentious and big for me. Then, it dissapeared... And, of course, at it often happens, we only understand how perfect certain things were to us, when they are long gone. Fortunately, the hat returned to H&M last week and I immediately bought it - this time, without a signal doubt. 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

On unbearable lightness of dressing well

I started my blog as a vehicle for self-reflection and exploration. Now, when I look back at 2012, I see (with great surprise and sincere joy) how much I actually learned - about fashion, about shopping and - inevitably - about myself. On the surface, it seemed like not much was going on: some photographs here and there, some wardrobe alterations, thoughts and giggles... But, I am not the same person who began this blog in 2012 - I grew some serious wisdom teeth :)

1. You are dressing your body, not somebody else's. 

Certainly, skinny jeans, flat shoes and a bomber jacket look great together. So do boyfriend's jeans with an oversize sweater. I also love big, wool coats that hug you like a lover in a moonshine... Yes! But I don't look good in those. My body proportions are somewhat different from all these Camille Over the Rainbow and Style Heroin. Midi and converses? You go! I'll skip. Unfortunately, my uniqueness was only recently embraced by me. After many pairs of Vans, loafers and slippers, all kinds of distressed (and distressing) baggy jeans, skirts with flounces, parkas, leather caps and sweatshirts I learned my lesson (and silhouettes). First, study your body. Then, go shopping.

2. Listen to your heart - shocker! 

Everybody wears white shoes over sudden, but you think that only a summer bride and Minnie Mouse look good in them? Great! Don't wear white shoes! Stop telling yourself that puffy gym snickers or dropped crotch pants actually look beautiful! They don't. Ask yourself honestly - is it really your aesthetics? 9 changes out of 10 that you are a victim of the fashion hypnosis and shopping under influence (SUI!). You will regret. It's like a one-night stand: you wake up in a morning squeezing a pair of the Alexander Wang cage sandals for $695 and think to yourself, "Was it really me dragging this monster to my little cozy wardrobe?" 

3.  Don't be lazy.  

Yes, it's worth it to make an extra trip to the store and try this dress on one more time. Yes, you should also try this cardigan in Small and Medium just to see if it may look better in a different size. Yes, pull yourself together and return this accidental piece of... charm, if it doesn't fit you. Yes, hand-wash this cashmere sweater for $299. Be proactive and your wardrobe will be prolific. According to the recent calculations, two thirds of my closet is clothes that a) don't fit, b) don't look presentable (missing a button, faded, shrank, c) looked so much better on the internet (I hate you, Zara tiger sweatshirt!!!). No wonder, we have "nothing to wear" moments every so often. 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

The real Real? Really?

Here I am again, in a constant hunt for a great quality for a fair price, just discovered a website that sells gently used luxuries clothes, shoes and art. And we are talking Prada and Gucci here.
Check it out: Jason Wu Sandals ($170) and Jimmy Choo Beauties ($195). 
And shhhhh... nobody has to know...